Colorful water beads

Colorful water beads

Colorful water beads
Water Bead
Water beads are non-edible beads, made of a combination of water and a water-absorbing polymer. A polymer is made of tiny particles that stick together and form long chains. They sometimes come pre-soaked and also come dry, waiting to be soaked in water. When dry water beads are immersed in water, they fill up and expand like a sponge.

Water beads are an exciting product that is great for decorating, watering plants, and even for kids activities and play. They look really cool and they are fun and easy to use.

They are popular to use in centerpieces for weddings and special events and they are part of an exciting trend in sensory exploration for kids.

Water beads (also called Orbeez, water pearls, water crystals, gel beads, etc.) are polymer crystals that look like little beads. When they are placed in water, they absorb the water and grow to about the size of a marble.

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Cool Use for Water Beads #1
On hot days, water beads wrapped in a bandana works great for a neck cooler. Stick the bandana in the freezer for about 15 minutes for a bigger chill.

Cool Use for Water Beads #2
Freshen the air with water beads by adding essential oils to the water you use in them. The beads will make a room look fabulous and smell great.

Cool Use for Water Beads #3
Water beads make great “eyeballs” for Halloween feely boxes or anytime you want to gross out your friends. Add lots of water to make the beads as large as possible for the best eye effect.

Did you know?
Bags of water gel are used to quickly absorb water during floods and other water-caused emergencies. A type of water gel is also used in disposable diapers and instant snow.

IMPORTANT: an important message. Water beads are not a toy. While I’ll show you how you could use them as a sensory material, keep in mind that these should not be used with babies, toddlers, or unsupervised children. There are serious health consequences if a child swallows water beads. Please read some of the comments on this post for perspectives on this.

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