Water Absorbents PIG

Water Absorbents PIG

Water Absorbents PIG
Eventually, every facility is bound to experience water issues: burst pipes, roof leaks, weather incidents, overflows and leaky windows can cause major headaches and unsafe conditions (like slippery floors) in your workplace. Staying prepared for events like these or cleaning up after unforeseen incidents is where we can help alleviate some pain – that’s why we’re the industry leader in absorbent products. Our exclusive water absorbing products below soak up leaks, drips, spills, condensation, or puddles faster and easier than any other products on the market.

Water Absorbent Mats
Absorb water after weather events, system failures, overflows, spills, puddling or pooling with the only mat on the market engineered for water cleanup.
Stop water in its tracks before it leads to costly damages or injuries with our highly absorbent mat pads for water. These water absorbent mats are designed specifically for water cleanup due to weather, system failures and breakdowns, overflows, spills, roof leaks and more. It absorbs a ton of water on contact so there are no pools or puddles to slip on. You can also wring and reuse your water mats during a single spill even for less waste and more savings!

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Water-Absorbing Spill Kits
Protect your assets and inventory from leaks, puddles and water damage due to floods, heavy rains or hurricanes.
Prepare for devastating storms and prevent damage to your facility and inventory with Water-Absorbing flood preparation kits. PIG Water Absorbent Mat Pads, Mildew-Resistant Socks and Absorbent Pillows soak up tons of water, so you’re always ready to tackle big leaks and puddles during weather-related emergencies. Use our storm prep kit near doorways and entrances, on and around windows, and anywhere water makes its way inside.

Absorb-&-Lock® Water Pads & Strips
Low-profile superabsorbent water-locking pads & strips swell up on contact with water to pull in high volumes.
Struggling to absorb large leaks or constant sewage and restroom backups? Let our superabsorbent water spill pads and strips do the work for you. They swell up and lock in high volumes of water on contact so it can’t escape. You can even put them at the base of equipment, appliances or machinery, underneath pipes, or in window wells or doorways. They’re low-profile even when saturated, so they stay out of the way as they work – catching and locking in water leaks, drips and condensation – so they’re never a trip hazard like buckets or pans.

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Water Absorbent Socks
Absorb water from leaks, drips, spills and condensation before it spreads, creates damage or causes an injury with a water absorbent sock.
Stop water leaks, drips, spills and condensation before it becomes a huge nightmare with our water absorbent socks! PIG Water-Absorbing Socks soak up large volumes of water on contact, locking it in quickly without any leakage. These one-time-use socks are great for when water needs to be absorbed or diverted quickly due to system breakdowns, broken hoses, burst pipes or wet weather. If you are looking for a sock to stop condensation or absorb small leaks and drips from under freezers, coolers or machinery, try our PIG Mildew-Resistant sock. They won’t grow mildew and can be left down long-term, then you can air-dry and reuse the sock up to 3 times. Our Dryer-Safe Reusable sock can be machine-washed and dried and reused up to 50 times. Simply soak up small leaks and condensation, then toss it in the washing machine and dryer!

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